Approximately 100 million Americans suffer chronic pain, with one in 10 experiencing chronic pain daily for three months or more. Neck pain is one of the most common chronic pain conditions in this country, but it’s also easily treatable. These are just a few of the treatment options for people with neck pain.

Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractors diagnose the cause of their patients’ neck pain and develop tailored plans to reduce or even eliminate pain. Chiropractic treatments for neck pain usually involve adjusting joints that restrict neck mobility and massaging the neck’s muscles and tissues to relieve tension. Chiropractors also guide their patients through exercises they can perform at home to reduce neck tension and pain between sessions. A 2014 study found a comprehensive chiropractic treatment plan involving all these techniques can help give effective relief from acute and chronic neck pain.

Nerve Blocks

Nerve blocks disrupt the way the nerves send pain signals to the brain, effectively reducing or eliminating pain symptoms. They are commonly used to treat patients experiencing neck pain with herniated discs, compressed spinal nerves, and spinal stenosis, but they may also be a good option for people who have neck pain for other reasons.

Epidural steroids, like those typically used during childbirth, are injected into the spine, nerve, or around the nerve. The steroid goes to work, becoming most effective between three and 10 days after the procedure. Some patients feel a little sore or numb near the injection site. They may also notice some redness or irritation. However, these side effects usually fade quickly and are less severe than many other treatment options.

Non-Steroidal Injections

As nerve blocks mask neck pain rather than solving its root cause, many health professionals prefer using non-steroidal injections where possible. Non-steroidal medication can ease the pain while providing valuable diagnostic information about the underlying pain trigger. These injections contain a natural lubricant which rehydrates neck tissues to facilitate greater motion with less pain.

Non-steroidal injections are most effective combined with physical therapy. The non-steroidal injections improve mobility, allowing patients to perform physical therapy tasks with far less pain than they ordinarily would. Together, the non-steroidal injections and physical therapy treatments can put patients on the path to long-term relief from neck pain.

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