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Neck pain is very common among Americans. Many people spend hours a day hunched over the computer at work. This constant hunch can place shoulders out of alignment, which over time creates muscular imbalances in the body leading to neck and shoulder pain. Posture irregularities along with wear and tear arthritis can also create neck pain.

Mainly neck pain will start off as a minor ache or slight pain. If these aches and pains continue and are not properly treated they may develop into a more serious condition. Symptoms of sharp shooting pain throughout the neck can arise over time. In some cases, numbness and loss of strength down the arms through the hands can occur.


Neck Pain can also come suddenly from excessive force or
stress placed on the neck. Injury can be very painful but will
become even more painful and problematic if not properly

HealthStar Clinic provides a number of options to stop pain
and prevent it from coming back. Below are listed some of
our neck pain treatments.

HealthStar Clinic - Neck Pain Relief


They become inflamed and swell out, putting pressure on the nerves around the spinal cord. This is known as a slipped or bulging disc and the condition causes pain and discomfort around the back. If the condition of the disc gets worse, the discs can often burst creating a herniation. When the disc becomes herniated it can begin to seep out of the spinal column placing pressure on nearby nerves resulting in pain. This pain is often felt associated with numbness and weakness in the arms, legs or neck.

In some cases, people with herniated discs can be unaware of the condition without feeling much pain, but most herniated discs are painful.


Strengthen and improve neck posture through proper exercise range of motion, resistance training, and improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility through corrective exercise and stretching.


Regular spinal adjustments put the body in correct posture alignment and helps to relieve muscle strain.

The pain treatment specialists at HealthStar will identify the source of the pain. Once our experts identify the source of the pain we can provide a customized pain program designed for specifically for the patient’s pain needs. Contact HealthStar Clinics for the best in pain management care.

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