Participating in sports is an excellent way to boost fitness levels, forge social bonds, and improve your mood. However, unfortunately, injuries and sports often go hand in hand. Read this latest post by the experts at HealthStar Clinic to discover the sports that incur the most injuries – and how to treat them.

Working Out

Working out is a great way to improve physical fitness and exercise a whole variety of muscle groups, but it can also be very dangerous if an individual doesn’t practice proper form or understand their physical limits. According to the National Safety Council, exercising sent around 526,000 Americans to the emergency department in 2017, more than any other sporting activity.

Muscle and tendon sprains and strains, cuts, and abrasions are some of the most common exercise injuries. Most people hurt themselves when they push too hard or use incorrect techniques. However, poorly installed equipment or faulty machines can also be to blame.


Basketball is the most dangerous team sport, causing around 500,000 emergency department injuries in the United States in 2017. Basketball’s fast pace puts particular stress on the lower body. Ankle sprains, caused by jumping, pivoting, and running for the ball, are some of the most common basketball injuries we see. Pivoting and the stop-start movements that basketballers make often put huge amounts of stress on their knees, causing sprains and ligament tears. Stress fractures of the legs are also common, especially among older players.


Cycling might seem like a fairly innocuous activity, but it was the cause behind 457,000 sports injuries in the United States in 2017. Most cycling injuries occur when riders fall from their bikes, especially after coming in contact with another vehicle or pedestrian. Broken clavicles and concussion are common after falls, along with muscle strains and the dreaded road rash. Long, frequent cycling sessions can put strain on the body, causing injuries that can include pain in the lower back, knees, arms, wrists, and neck.


Mothers all across America won’t be surprised to hear football is another leading cause of sports injuries. Around 341,000 Americans suffered injuries playing the game in 2017. Fast play with full contact is a recipe for a raft of injuries, including traumatic knee and shoulder injuries, concussion, and back and knee pain.

Stretching your muscles before and after exercise is the best way to prevent sports injuries, but sometimes accidents happen. Thankfully, your local HealthStar Clinic chiropractors are here to help. We can move your joints back into alignment to reduce inflammation and painful joint stress and expedite healing. If you’ve hurt yourself playing a sport, contact your nearest HealthStar Clinic for an appointment. We’ll alleviate your pain and help you rejoin your teammates sooner.