Invasive surgery isn’t the only way to achieve much-needed hip pain relief. In fact, more and more patients are opting for holistic, natural approaches as a first-line defense. Before you assume that a hip replacement is in your future, try working these five stretches into your routine.

Leg Lowers

Hip pain isn’t limited to just your hips—misalignment tends to affect different parts of the body, leading to everything from back pain to knee issues. Prevention suggests leg lowers with a resistance band to loosen up tight hips. Lay on your back with the sole of one foot looped into the middle of the band. From there, keep your legs straight up toward the ceiling and lower the leg that’s not wrapped in the band.

Eye of the Needle

This stretch is treasured in yoga circles for its ability to unlock stubborn hips and ease the pain. Yoga Journal recommends beginning on your back with knees bent, thighs hip-distance apart and parallel. With foot flexed, cross your right ankle over your left thigh, then pull your left leg to your chest. You should feel the stretch in your right hip.

Bound Ankle Pose

This posture provides a deep, healing stretch for worn-out hips. From a seated position with legs in front of you, bring your knees up, directing your heels as close to your body as possible. From there, let your knees drop to the sides and press the soles of your feet together, as described by Yoga Journal.

Cow Face Pose

This funny-sounding stretch, named for its uncanny resemblance to a cow’s face, is ideal for those seeking hip pain relief. Getting into this pose is a little tricky, so check out a step-by-step breakdown before giving it a go. When done right, it helps open the hips, strengthen the abs, and support spine health.

Fire Log Pose

This restorative stretch is heaven on the hips. Just one word of warning, if you’re currently at war with achy knees, this stretch isn’t for you as it can actually make matters worse. That said, if it’s just your hips that are feeling tight, fire log pose is a keeper. Think of it as an elevated way of sitting with your legs crossed. Yoga Basics offers a great tutorial that should have you feeling a deep sense of opening in the side space between your hip bone and your glutes.