Recent reports indicate that more than 600,000 people annually are going under the knife for a knee replacement, hoping to find a long-term solution to chronic pain and joint dysfunction. Unfortunately, at least 20% of patients are still feeling chronic pain after surgery. When you combine these results with the fact that 34% of knee replacement surgeries are deemed unnecessary, it makes perfect sense that 10-34% of patients are unhappy with the results. When in many cases of surgery, you can expect knee replacement problems, what are your alternatives to effectively delay or avoid it?

Injections for Knee Pain 

One growing field of non-invasive treatment for knee pain is injections. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, effective treatment is going to involve treating the various issues that contribute to knee pain.

  • Pain Relief can be achieved by the administration of an analgesic into the joint, which can facilitate the movement necessary in a physical therapy setting to encourage healing.
  • Inflammation in and around the joint can be relieved with the use of non-steroidal or low-dose steroidal injections to eliminate swelling that contributes to pain and to improve circulation in the area.

Our knee pain injections will typically be paired with physical therapy treatments, so you’re not just finding pain relief, you’re also improving strength and stability to come to reduce your risk of future knee pain.

Alternative Treatments: Advanced Laser Therapy

Another impressive alternative is our use of the MLS Laser system. This is a trans-dermal laser that moves an intense, healing energy wave through the skin for deep tissue stimulation. It also draws out inflammation to reduce pain and irritation, improves microcirculation to cartilage tissue, and stimulates metabolic activity of the cells in the area of damage. In many cases, there’s a great improvement in pain and function after a single treatment.

Comprehensive Healing from Integrative Care

In some cases of knee replacement problems, the surgery didn’t fix the source of the issue because it was above or below the joint. All of our bones and joints are connected, and structural issues like joint weakness, damage, and muscular imbalance may be mechanically contributing to the pain. Effectively eliminating pain after surgery may include a more comprehensive approach of integrative care, including chiropractic alignment, physical and massage therapies, and more.

Considering Knee Replacement Surgery?

Have you had knee replacement surgery, or are you considering the procedure? An invasive surgery like a knee replacement comes with a considerable commitment to recovery and sizeable expenses and doesn’t always provide the pain relief results you seek. It pays to investigate all of your options, including a multi-faceted approach to care by a comprehensive team with your best interests in mind. HealthStar Clinic offers a number of minimally-invasive alternative treatments that can improve pain and function to delay or even avoid surgery. Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!