HealthStar Clinic is committed to treating and healing patients in all of the communities we are pleased to serve. Our medical team applies the most advanced and innovative multidisciplinary treatments to help our patients find relief from pain so that they may return to active, healthy lives.

If you are like many of our patients who are suffering from pain but want to avoid surgery and prescription medications, there are solutions for you. At HealthStar Clinic, we can help you or your loved ones who suffer from chronic knee, back, or hip pain using breakthrough, non-surgical, holistic treatments.

Solutions for Your Pain

Chronic pain can seriously disrupt your lifestyle. Whether you’re struggling with migraines, arthritis, or neuropathy, our team can offer a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. We can assist with all types of body pain including sciatica, car accident injuries, and bulging or herniated discs. We take a thorough and comprehensive approach in our treatment programs, focusing on complete wellness.

Pain Treatments in Birmingham

The HealthStar Clinic in Birmingham offers a variety of treatment options for knee pain, back pain, and shoulder pain:

  • Advanced Laser Therapy: Our Birmingham location focuses on advanced laser therapy pain treatments. This non-invasive treatment uses laser energy to create an optimal healing environment by improving circulation and drawing oxygen and nutrients into the injured area.
  • Spine Reconditioning System (SRS) Therapy: SRS therapy combines spinal manipulation and disc traction therapy to effectively treat problems such as bulging, herniated, or degenerative discs.
  • Chiropractic Care: We offer an innovative approach to chiropractic treatments using computerized adjustments that deliver precise, gentle, controlled impulses rather than the forceful manipulations used in traditional chiropractic.
  • Physiotherapy: Physical therapy uses targeted stretches and exercises to relieve pain, strengthen muscles, and restore range of movement.
  • Braces and Support: Specialized braces and support products can help you heal and give you the assistance you need to return to your activities quickly.

Visit Our Birmingham Clinic

If you’re looking for a new approach to pain treatments, make an appointment to visit HealthStar’s Birmingham clinic. We’re committed to promoting wellness in the community. Our team will carefully evaluate your case and let you know which treatment plan we believe is best.

With HealthStar Clinic, you’re in complete control of your treatment. We provide as much or as little intervention as you’d like, so you can manage your pain in the way that’s most comfortable for you. With three locations in Montgomery, Prattville and Birmingham, schedule your consultation now to visit us and find relief from pain today.