Chiropractic care is an effective, accessible alternative to invasive back surgery. And unlike surgery, it doesn’t require a long, painful recovery process. Think of it as a pain-relieving self-care routine that jumpstarts the body’s natural healing process by safely realigning the spinal column. This does more than simply improve pain—it’s also been shown to optimize joint, muscle and bone function while helping restore balance in the body.

You don’ t have to live with back pain. If you’re on the lookout for non-surgical back pain treatments in Montgomery and Prattville, Health Star Clinic has you covered. Here are some different chiropractic techniques you can expect. What’s right for you? Your chiropractor may use a combination of approaches to create a customized treatment plan that’s tailored to your individual needs.

Full Spine

This technique is exactly what the name implies, realigning interference points along the length of the spine to relieve pain.

Extremity Manipulation

This technique focuses on the extremities—hands, arms, legs and hips—to improve range of motion and overall joint function and pain.

Active Release

Here we put all the focus on the soft tissue to correct tightness and improve mobility and muscle function. Focused, expert-led stretches help do just that.


This kind of technique can spotlight exactly where a person’s back pain is coming from. By applying gentle pressure to the base of the skull, the chiropractor then judges the patient’s nervous system response to pinpoint specific imbalances.

Upper Cervical

Upper cervical quite literally refers to the upper neck. This type of adjustment safely focuses on correcting pain points at the top of the spine.

Thompson DROP

This approach tackles spinal imbalances with something called a segmental table. With the patient laying on their stomach, the chiropractor puts quick bursts of pressure on the back to coax the spine back into alignment.


Again, gentleness is the name of the game. With this type of spinal manipulation, the chiropractor carefully and slowly pulls and stretches various parts of the body to relieve spinal pressure.


With this technique, the chiropractor relies on a handheld tool called an activator to target specific parts of the spine. The activator essentially emits a gentle force to relieve pain and correct misalignments.

Health Star Clinic is the go-to source for back pain relief in Montgomery and Prattville. Our experienced chiropractors are well-versed and specially trained on the latest techniques to help you live a life without back pain. Click here to schedule a one-on-one appointment to get you on the road to recovery.