The year was 1896. Harvey Lillard, a janitor in the South Putnam Building at Second and Brady Street in Putnam, Iowa, was explaining how he’d become nearly completely deaf since he bent over and heard a loud “pop” in his spine 17 years earlier. Daniel David Palmer, who held an office in the building, overheard this and saw that Lillard had a vertebra out of place. With his permission, Palmer “pushed” Lillard’s vertebra back into place, performing the first-ever chiropractic adjustment. Two days later, Lillard reported that his hearing was almost fully restored.

Chiropractic care has been used successfully as a non-surgical, non-invasive, and integrative system of medicine that has relieved thousands of painful conditions caused by misalignments in the spine. At HealthStar Clinic, we believe that regular chiropractic care can reap several benefits that improve the individual’s quality of life in every facet.

Chiropractic care decreases pain

Pain is the number one reason why Americans access the healthcare system. Whether the pain is acute, or the result of a long-term condition such as osteoarthritis, chiropractic care not only relieves immediate causes of pain but can be used to maintain and restore the body’s natural healing processes.

At HealthStar Clinic, our medical experts offer several specialized chiropractic adjustments including full spine, extremity manipulation, active release, sacro-occipital, Thompson, upper cervical, flexion, distraction and activator techniques.

Chiropractic improves your body’s other functions

Palmer believed that the misalignment in Lilliard’s spine caused a blockage in the nerves controlling the inner ear, and by fixing it, would restore his sense of hearing.

Regular chiropractic care improves the functioning of individual organs and other systems in the body that may have otherwise been pinched, depressed, or compressed by misalignments in the spinal column. Regular adjustments have helped individuals suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive issues, migraines, and other common ailments. In fact, HealthStar’s own Director of Chiropractic Services, Dr. Candice Cobb, first received adjustments at the age of 4 to relieve chronic sinus and ear infections!

A Healthier, Happier You

Similarly to how tuning up your car at regular intervals will ensure a better performing vehicle with fewer breakdowns and expensive future issues, visiting a chiropractor regularly may help individuals maintain physical as well as their mental health.

“It’s no secret that people who suffer from chronic, everyday pain also experience emotional pain,” says Dr. Cobb. “Not being able to enjoy daily activities with your loved ones can certainly impact your quality of life,” she explains.

At HealthStar Clinic, we have used different chiropractic modalities to successfully relieve patients suffering from chronic pain and a number of uncomfortable conditions that have put a damper on their everyday lives. We believe that regular chiropractic care can help in a number of ways and we want to help you too! Our three locations in Birmingham, Prattville and Montgomery are ready for your call – schedule an appointment today and take the first step towards lasting health and wellness with HealthStar Clinic!