Chronic pain is not just about discomfort – it is also a risk to your long-term health. When your body experiences pain chronically, your heart rate and blood pressure naturally rise. This physiological response to the stress of the continuing pain can significantly damage health. Beyond the threat of heart disease, those who suffer from chronic pain will often see a drop in energy, muscular tension, appetite changes, and a reduction in mobility. Plus, a sustained sense of fear of re injury can result, along with anxiety, anger, and depression.

When the impact is broad, it can be especially challenging for the individual to get the treatment they need to recover. A strong back pain relief clinic implements various methods to help patients recover from chronic pain conditions so that they do not spiral into additional issues. Examples include the below treatments.

Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic manipulation is often part of a treatment plan at a back pain relief clinic. A 2012 study divided nearly 300 US neck pain patients into three groups to test recovery with chiropractic, home exercise, and medication. The percentage who said they fully recovered with the first two strategies was much higher (32% and 30%, respectively) than with the third (13%).

Facet joint spinal injections

It can be difficult to perform physical therapy exercises and stretches due to severe pain. A common treatment used in a back pain relief clinic to calm the back is facet joint injections. This technique delivers medication or an anesthetic to the spine. These injections are categorized as lumbar, thoracic, or cervical, depending where the joints are that are targeted. This procedure, aimed at stopping the pain signal, is also called a facet block.

Nerve block injections

A back pain relief clinic will also often treat with nerve block injections. This treatment is similar to a facet joint spinal injection but targets nerves or nerve bundles. These injections of medication stop the pain signal before it gets to the central nervous system.

SRS Therapy™

A back pain relief clinic may also include Spinal Reconditioning System (SRS) Therapy in your treatment. SRS Therapy™ has two phases. The first non-surgically repairs your spinal discs. The second stabilizes and strengthens the joints and muscles that support the spine.

Disc decompression

Nonsurgical disc decompression, also called spinal decompression, is another therapy that can be incorporated. This motorized traction method works to carefully stretch the spine. It reduces pressure in the discs, in turn curbing pain.

Computerized adjustments

Another method that is often part of a back pain relief plan, a computerized adjustment, is used both for analysis and for treatment. The impulses from the device are gentle, safe, and precise, enabling comfortable recovery.

Your back pain relief clinic

Do you need the best treatment for your back pain condition? An effective approach is designed for the patient on a case-by-case basis – and all the above options are available at Health Star Clinic. Our experienced pain management team customizes your treatment program specifically for you. Don’t let back pain control your life. Contact us today to learn about the treatment options that are available to you.