Chronic pain is a condition that affects more adults annually than heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke combined, and can have such an intense impact in our lives that it’s even considered to be its own medical condition. Oftentimes, the source of chronic pain is multi-faceted, and in some cases, there is no identifiable cause to remedy. In chronic pain situations, it can be incredibly important to find ways to manage pain to facilitate healing. What are some options that a patient-focused, conservative pain management clinic can provide?

The HealthStar Way

At HealthStar Clinic, our goal is to provide compassionate care and for patients to leave happier and healthier. Because of that, it’s essential for us to consider not only our patients’ health conditions but also the “Big-Picture” impact that they have on their lives. This philosophy has formed the basis of our responsible, team approach, with a focus on the following:

Requiring Less Downtime

Chronic pain conditions are leading contributors to the reason for missed workdays annually, with back pain conditions alone causing 264 million days out. Ensuring your pain management treatments don’t require additional downtime is an important aspect of the treatment plans offered by HealthStar Clinic. We opt for non-surgical and minimally-invasive approaches to provide fast relief that doesn’t require weeks of recovery and more time off.

Making Pain Management Affordable

Missed work days also mean lost wages, with 2012 estimates being in the range of up to $635 Billion for Americans alone every year. Chronic pain conditions are stressful on every level of the body, mind, and spirit, but it can be even more taxing to be desperate for relief and to worry about incurring financial strain to get it. HealthStar Clinic is dedicated to providing our patients with affordable conservative pain management options, and not only are we happy to call your insurance company about coverage, but we will also arrange payment plans to meet your treatment and financial needs.

Providing a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

In many cases, chronic pain conditions can be traced back to a previous injury or illness, but sometimes there is no identifiable cause, which makes the condition difficult to understand or control. Effective treatment needs to be multi-faceted, considering not only the physical needs of the patient but also the mental and emotional aspects of care. HealthStar Clinic is proud to offer a diverse team of professionals that work together to provide the most modern, up-to-date pain management treatments available, based on years of dedicated research and experience.

Has Chronic Pain made an Impact on your Life?

Chronic pain is multi-faceted and can impact many different areas of your life, and a successful treatment plan needs to be multi-disciplinary and comprehensive for effective relief. At HealthStar Clinic, our professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, and we work together with our patients to determine the source of the pain to create the best, most efficient treatment plan. Call today to learn more about how we can help provide you with chronic pain relief!