Trusting in the knowledge and capabilities of the healthcare providers you work with is such an important factor that it can actually impact the outcome of your treatment and determine your return to wellness. When it comes to professional, integrative care, the most caring and effective team in Prattville is HealthStar Clinic. Why should you choose HealthStar as your Prattville Chiropractor?

Comprehensive Approach to Care

Whether you’re seeking care for recovery from an injury, management of a chronic condition, or for maintenance for great health, it’s important to find a team that can cover all the bases of your care from diagnosis to treatment. Our programs are designed to treat the issue at the source, and not just mask pain and dysfunction. Treatment plans are completely customized with your input; you are an essential member of your healthcare team and we respect and include your ideas and concerns.

Options for Support

HealthStar Clinic constantly invests in the most effective treatments available, and utilizes a number of tools to ensure your return to function and mobility. In addition to using bracing options to support the stability of healing joints, we also provide medical equipment such as belts, traction units, pillows, and other aids to best assist our patients in their rehab and recovery. These tools are used in conjunction with our therapies to reduce recovery times and for the most effective results. 

Medical Pain Programs

Chronic pain conditions can affect every aspect of your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and compassionate, efficient treatment can make a remarkable difference in your management or recovery. As part of our protocol, medical doctors oversee the pain treatment programs, and while we hope to avoid interventional treatments, we offer safe, responsible and effective options for those patients that do require medication, and minimally invasive choices to alleviate their pain. Options for joint pain, sciatica, neuropathy, and other pain conditions include:

In conjunction with chiropractic care and therapeutics, our aim is to get you back to a more comfortable, active lifestyle, which in itself is proven to reduce the myriad effects of chronic pain conditions and can help break the cycle of pain and reduced mobility.

Successful Recovery and Effective Support Begin with You

It can be challenging to manage and recover from an acute or chronic condition or to successfully maintain your health without the support of experienced health professionals. When you select the medical team at HealthStar Clinic, you’re choosing to begin your path to wellness with a compassionate, multidisciplinary and integrative group of practitioners with your best health in mind. Contact us today to learn more about a plan to get you back to an active life!